APSEC 2018

25th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference 4-7 December 2018, Nara, Japan
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Software Engineering in Practice Program

SEIP 1: Model-Based Software Engineering: December 5th 14:00 – 15:30 @Conference Room 4 on the 2nd floor

Chair: Jacky Keung (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

  1. Adopting MBSE in Construction Equipment Industry: An Experience Report
    Jagadish Suryadevara and Saurabh Tiwari
  2. Migration to Software Product Line Development of Automotive Body Parts by Architectural Refinement with Feature Analysis
    Yoichi Nishiura, Masaki Asano and Tsuneo Nakanishi
  3. Model-Based Personalized Visualization System for Monitoring Evolving Industrial Cyber-Physical System
    Aitziber Iglesias, Tao Yue, Cristóbal Arellano, Shaukat Ali and Goiuria Sagardui

SEIP 2: Requirements & Human Factors: December 6th 13:45 – 15:15 @Conference Room 4 on the 2nd floor

Chair: Mari Inoki (Kogakuin University, Japan)

  1. A Design Method for Domain-Specific Models of Software Requirements Specification Based on Stakeholders’ Concerns
    Akiyuki Takoshima and Mikio Aoyama
  2. MatGap: A Systematic Approach to Perform Match and Gap Analysis among SBVR-based Domain Specific Business Rules
    Sayandeep Mitra, Chandan Prakash, Shayak Chakraborty and Pavan Kumar Chittimalli
  3. Team Composition and Team Factors in Software Engineering: An Interview Study of Project-based Organizations
    Dora Dzvonyar and Bernd Bruegge

SEIP 3: Analysis & Testing: December 7th 10:45 – 12:15 @Conference Room 3 on the 2nd floor

Chair: Susumu Tokumoto (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan)

  1. Extracting Candidates of Microservices from Monolithic Application Code
    Manabu Kamimura, Keisuke Yano, Tomomi Hatano and Akihiko Matsuo
  2. Providing Technical Software Documentation as a Service - An Industrial Experience Report
    Georg Buchgeher, Claus Klammer, Bernhard Dorninger and Albin Kern
  3. Transitioning from manual to automated software regression testing: Experience from the banking domain
    Abdurrahman Akın, Şerafettin Şentürk and Vahid Garousi

SEIP 4: Web: December 6th 10:45 – 12:15 @Conference Room 2 on the 1st floor

Chair: Yu Chin Cheng (National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan)

  1. A Quality Model and its Quantitative Evaluation Method of Web APIs
    Rieko Yamamoto, Kyoko Ohashi, Masahiro Fukuyori, Mikio Aoyama, Kosaku Kimura, Atsuji Sekiguchi, Tadahiro Uehara and Ryuichi Umekawa
  2. Software and Infrastructure Log-Based Framework for Identifying the Causes of System Faults
    Noriko Hanakawa and Masaki Obana